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Engage the Social WebEngage the Social Web

70% of SMB’s are currently active in social media, better than double that figure from just six months prior. Use Breeze Social to get your business connected and participating in minutes.

Interact with CustomersInteract with Customers

78% of consumers trust what other consumers say over traditional advertising. Breeze Social gets you in the conversation in just ten minutes per day.

Measure and Impact SuccessMeasure and Impact Success

63% of SMB’s point to social media marketing as a significant sales and revenue driver. Understand how social media is impacting your business with Breeze Social.

Try Breeze Social Free for 30 Days!

Not sure if you want to be active in social media? With Breeze Social, your first 30 days are always free! Take a month to familiarize yourself with our application and start building a meaningful social media presence. If you’re still not convinced that social media is right for your business, cancel at the end of 30 days and pay nothing! Click here to get started.

Social media marketing for businesses does not have to be confusing. Breeze Social makes it easy for your business to start communicating and making an impact on the social web. We’ll help sign you up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Tumblr and more and centralize these social network accounts in our intuitive web-based application. Breeze Social makes it easy for your business to establish a presence on the social web, and you don't need to know the specifics of each social network to be successful. We make it clear what is being said to and about you on each network and help you easily reply and contribute to these comments. Breeze Social also gives you tips on your Facebook posts, Tweets, blog posts and more! Want to measure your social media success and progress? Breeze Social has developed a patent pending Breeze Social Score that measures your success on the social web. See how you're turning contacts into conversations and quantify your social media efforts. Sign up for Breeze Social and start being successful in social media marketing today!